Merchant Portal Dashboard Guide

This section provides details on the Dashboard specific to Merchants. For an overview of how to create new payments and manage existing transactions please review the Portal Guides.



The Merchant Dashboard page provides users with an "at a glance" overview of transaction performance details and other important statistics pertaining to general information on the account. The information on the Dashboard is updated in real-time and is very helpful in providing a direct view of the transaction resources. Each section functions with a specific purpose as further explained below:

Quick Charge

Quick Charge This section is useful for processing a Sale, Authorization Only, or eCheck Sale payments directly on the Dashboard without having to navigate to any other payment page on the portal. Simply enter in a minimum requirement of the amount to be charged along with the transaction type, and a popup will prompt you for the card details to add so you can complete the payment.

You can also use a previously used card by clicking on the “CREATE NEW PAYMENT” button before you process the payment, and select the desired saved payment method. Although you can perform the same function by clicking on the Create Payment link off to the left of the Dashboard Menu, the Quick Charge condenses the information needed to process a payment in 1 simple form to save you the extra step.

Today’s Sales

Using a grid format, this section of the Dashboard will show you an outline of the current total of the present day's sales using hourly increments. This is useful if you like to keep track of what your peak hours are in capturing transactions. Hovering your mouse over the circular indicator on the grid will highlight the number of sales for that specific hour along with its volume.

Business Overview - Gross Sales

The calendar that displays in this section will show you an optimizable chart to depict the total amount of sales and transactions accrued in a given day, week, month, or customizable period of time (which can be set as far back as you need it to). By default, the Business Overview will show you the Gross Sales over the course of the Last 7 Days but you can change the view by clicking on the directional arrow off to the right to select a different view, as shown in the image above.

The graph will differentiate the Total Sales results using a blue line, whereas the Total Transactions are depicted with a red line. Hovering your mouse over the circular point at the left of the graph will highlight the starting amount of sales and volume for that given day/time period and the rightmost circular indicator will display the result of sales and transactions overall in the specified date range.

The available choices of views for Business Overview chart can be found in the dropdown and are as follows: Today, Week To Date, Month To Date, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Yesterday, Last Week, Last Month, and Custom.

Today and Yesterday’s option will showcase the results of your total sales and transactions over an hourly period, whereas the other remaining options in the drop-down show the sales throughout the entire day.

Flagged Transactions

If you’re curious if there are any transactions that are still expecting payment or need to be reviewed, you’ll find them condensed in this section. Clicking the “View All” button will direct you to the Payment History page, which can also be located on the left side of the Dashboard menu under “Payments”.

New Customers

To see the 5 newest customers added to the account, they will appear in the bottom right section of the Dashboard. The customers, along with their added date and time, will appear here so you can review the customer frequency. Clicking the “View All” button will direct you to the Customers page in your portal where additional details and modifications can be made.