Report History (M)

The Report History page displays all of the reports that you generated previously using the Create Reports page. On this page, you can search for specific reports and access their contents.

Note: Report History is only available for reports that were generated using the "Quick Reports" option.

Navigate to the Report History page by clicking Reports to open a drop down menu in the Admin category of the left hand navigation panel. Click Report History in the drop down menu to open this page.

Partial view of the Report History page, including the Report History table.

Report History Features

Report History Table

The Report History table contains a list of all reports previously generated by your account, including the following information:

Report History Table Column Name


Report History Table Column Name



The name of the generated report.


The date that the report was generated.


The type of report. For a list of available report types, visit the Create Reports page.


The status of the report: Generating or Available.


The date that the report will expire. Note that reports expire after 30 days. Once expired, the report will no longer be available on the page.

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